Day 23: A late start, a big surprise, and a getaway from life

Posted on March 17, 2013 at 5:50 AM

Hello explorers! After much waking up and a lot of destressing the weekend has arrived at last. I woke up today at an eye-opening 3:30pm! And Let me tell you how amazing that felt about being up the night before till 4:00am! The rest was much needed, and really what else was I to do? Most of my friends have been bogged down with physics and biology homework, and Stuart is up at his university for scholarships which I will touch on later. Either way I would have been bored, so why not just sleep in...really...really....late.


Once I did decide to drag myself out of the warm confines of my bed, I got ready for the day and just had a relaxing time. The effects of the foam partyhad not yet worn off and I was still feeling...soapy...all over myself. Ewwww! Well a shower definitely helped with that. My TOMs though aren't so lucky, and are currently drying into a crusty soapy mess. I definitely made note to wash them thoroughly over spring break.


I finally came out of the dorms around 6 to grab dinner with friends, when I got an amazing text. A couple of other friends were going to Madison! To club! Again! What could I possibly do except immediately accept the invitation. I mean, it is not every day you have a shitty week of epic proportions that ends in a foam fest. But a weekend that starts off with clubbing in Madison?! I was too excited! We would leave around 8:45pm, and god only knows how late we would get back.


Well, we left and started the hour trek to Madison to Plan B, one of the popular gay clubs there. About halfway through our drive I get a phone call from Stuart. He called to tell me he won a full tuition scholarship to Northland,and on top of every other grant and scholarship he has been winning he will be attending Northland for four years practically free. He has worked so hard for this and I truly am excited for him, even when I don't often portray it. Academics is touchy for me, and maybe I am just pissed off, in denial, jealous,degraded, or a mixture of all of the above for the way university systems awards money, or how I never got a single scholarship, or how I just never had an inkling of what academics really meant. More for another day to talk about. At the end of the matter what...I am proud for him. He went to celebrate and drink a bit with his parents and we continued our drive.


Walking into the club the bar was in full swing with early St. Patrick's Day partiers. Being all under 21, we migrated to the dance floor and spent the next four and a half hours dancing, meeting new people, and watching two amazing drag queens and a KICK-ASS drag king perform to amazing music. After we left and grabbed McDonalds the car ride home was quiet. We were tired, yet happy. And I was totally at ease. Never had I had so much fun within a two day time span before, and this was still only Saturday!


I don't have much to talk about tonight. I could rant and talk about education and just pour all my feels out into this blog, but I know people that read this would look down upon me. So I am sorry explorers, but some thoughts just got to stay to myself. In the end, I am always proud and always happy for everyone’s accomplishments, and I think I need to start listing mine too. I may be paying a shit ton of money without any help for it, and I may not understand academics and stuff as well as others causing grades to suffer, but I believe somewhere there are accomplishments. Tonight? Hmm...I can probably dance better than all of those bookworms. I guess that is a minor accomplishment!


Keep traveling and always don't give up. You as a human bring so much to the world, and while you (like me) may often forget that you are not worth a dime, you are thoroughly mistaken. Not everyone is cut out for academic life, but some become the greatest educators. Some never even make it out of school, yet change the world. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and try not to worry. You have the power to do great things, and it'll all come eventually.


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