One Year Later

Posted on May 10, 2013 at 10:40 AM

So it finally is complete. One entire year of college. What can I say about this magical experience besides that it was the ride of a lifetime. It all feels like it was just yesterday that I moved onto campus and shoved all of my personal belongings into that small dorm. Meeting my roommate was awkward and I felt that opening up was going to be the hardest thing of my entire life. Finding friends on this small yet expansive campus would be daunting, and lets not even get started on the classes that would be taught by predetermined strict professors that don't help students at all. This all felt like it was yesterday, and now...just a few very short and vivid months later...all of those thoughts have changed.

My dorm became my second life. The one without parental control and guidance. The room that dust collected on the drawers and the tv stand because no one wanted to dust the place. The very room where all of my possessions existed and I had to share it all with a boy that I never even met. This room...was where I think I really did begin to discover myself. I really proved to myself and my parents that I was not the lazy kid they thought I was. I was independent, and I knew very well how to take care of myself. Maybe I should give some credit to them, for teaching me that a high-efficiency washing machine actually requires a SPECIFIC type of soap. I should probably also thank my parents for the countless chores that...although I hated them, taught me how to cook, clean, and maintain a hygienic lifestyle (minus the dusting). But while my parents taught me all of this, I had to figure so much more out.

That included roommate relationships. How was I going to relate to a kid that I never even met before? I had nothing (or so I thought) in common with him and I was not going to just open up and tell him my life story on day one. He wasn’t going to do the same I was sure too. Yet we grew closer, and we ended up becoming really good friends. To give you all a short preview into next year, I am rooming with my roommate again! It is going to be so nice to not have to do the whole process of reintroductions. He knows about my boyfriend, and he is alright about everything. I know about his girlfriend, and I am perfectly fine with her as well. We are a good pair, being lazy and procrastinating till the very last moment. I couldn’t ask for a better roommate.

What is even more amazing are all the friends that I met over the past few months. The bonds I have with all of them are unbreakable and I could not fathom my college experience without them now that they are gone for the summer. Ashley, you are my Asian. We can joke about everything and anything racist and you take so much crap from all of us for being Asian. Yet it’s perfect. Darren, while you’re one awkward kid you really did help ground me and make me think twice sometimes before I said something. Justin and Emma, both of you were crazy and ultimately the partiers of the group. You gave me that outlet of excitement and craziness that I was definitely needing. The immaturity I shared with you two will be missed since both of you are transferring. I wish you both luck for the future, and I really do hope you don’t forget our times we spent together. Peter…oh Peter where do I even begin? You are one unique individual and showed me that even smart people can have fun moments and be immature. I missed that because all my friends back home were like that, and you brought a little bit of home to campus. Lucy, I think you will be the person that I miss the most. Your bubbly personality and happiness was infectious to everyone that came into contact with you. I cannot think of a dull moment with you, and your inner child ran free. You have taught me so much in regards to photography, to how to be a friend, and how to just live life to its fullest. It is all of these memories that make me realize Carroll is a wonderful place…and that only special and certain people attend this school. And I am so happy I didn’t go anywhere else. So freaking happy.

With a roommate and friends to keep my life fun, there had to be the counterweight of academics. Yet even with classwork and studying, it was fun. My Chemistry professor sang Ice Ice Baby when we learned about ICE tables, and after our final exam he played a game of Frisbee with me and fellow classmates. My Cross Cultural Seminar professor worked closely with me throughout the school year to make sure I was ready to become an Orientation Mentor for next year. My English professor and I have frequent coffee chats and just keep each other updated. Lastly, my choir director made me happy every day with her style of teaching and the music we sang. She understood when we had off days, and she was there with words of encouragement when no one else was. She became a friend to us all, and with her departure to University of Illinois, it is no surprise that she will be missed severely by me and other choir members. These people taught me not only knowledge, but also how to become a better person and student overall.

So, college. Some people would claim that it was the worst four years of their life due to all the amounts of stress and work that they had to put into it. Others would say it was their best experience yet in life because of the partying and the fun. For me, this first year can be described as a blend of the both. While I wonder what the rest of my years here at Carroll will be like, I can at least be assured that my freshman year went almost perfectly well. I always try to leave with advice, or something to think about. And tonight, I would have to say that no matter where you go in life, you will always meet amazing people. There are people that will change how you think, how you act, and how you perceive this vast universe around you. You will learn many things, but friendships are going to be the utmost important. These people will keep you sane in your worst moments. These people will be the shoulders to cry on. These people will be your friends years later too. And to me, that is all I could ever ask for. So here is to life, and to the countless adventures you will go on. Keep traveling bloggers, the universe is not waiting. Voyage far and wide, and always…always…take something away from your travels.

Mission Accomplished.


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