Day 40: Part 2. Back to Campus Life

Posted on April 10, 2013 at 12:40 AM

Well, it has been a week and a day since I have arrived back on campus. Number of classes skipped: 5. Am I proud? No. Did I utilize that time for the better? Yes. It definitley has been a struggle to regain momentum to make that final push to the end of the year, but I feel that I have successfully gotten back on MY track and I am ready for this year to be over.

To recap the week prior to now, I honestly can't. Partially because I can not remember what happened, but also because I do not care. Once it happens, it happened. But I do remember my weekend! Friday consisted of many meetings in preparation for moveout procedurs and how Hall Council can help, along with my regular Hall Improvements meeting. I also THOUGHT I had a conference to attend regarding World Affairs Seminar. Unfortunatly I was mistaken and that conference is now next next weekend. So Friday was good, my friends and I went on a midnight Walmart run, and Stuart and I got to talk for awhile as well.

Saturday was fun again. I got to go volunteer at this amazing organization called Feed my Starving Children. There, we repackaged food (rice, soy, veggies, and a nutrient blend) to ship to third world countries! Not only did I get to go with Q&A friends, I also got to witness the power of compassion and care for people we don't even know. Needless to say, my faith in humanity was restored. They were a Christian organization, so at the end they prayed over a box of food. It was kind of...odd to see people praying to a box that it can be guided safely to these children. Um...high-tech GPS positioning systems track the packages across borders, and computer systems at ports document and track shipping containers faster than the human mind. Sorry to say this, but the 99.5% success rate is probably because of that...not a prayer. But to each his own, and trust me...I was truly the outcast by not praying. What really was cool was that they said it was an option, which meant the successfuly recognized there were numerous religions (including atheism) in the crowd. I was pleased leaving there.

Sunday...whoop! Ashley, Lucy, Sondra and I rented the Pruis. Let me stop there and say this. Priuses are amazing cars. They are silent, can offer power when requested, and have the neatest displays for conservation of resources. The interior was amazing, and the trunk for such a small car is massive! It literally was like Mary Poppin's purse! I recommend a Prius to ANYONE that gives an inkling of care to the environment!!!! I literally had 316 miles till I had to fill up the gas tank, and that was BELOW half empty. 

Anyways, we took the Prius and went out to Bayshore, which is a mall complex near me. Needless to say, I had money in my wallet just waiting to be burned. We hit up all the fashion stores, and capped the night off with a fabulous dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I was very pleased by the service of the restaurant, and thought that was the best part. Holy hell was I wrong. The food there is out of this world, and they aren't called The CHEESECAKE fucking FACTORY for anything. It was so orgasmic I think that is the only time in one sitting three girls and a gay guy can have an oral orgasm at the same time. We all were satisfied enough to laugh at the 101.56 bill like we could've made it bigger. After dinner, a quick bolt up to the top of the parking garage was made to watch the sunset, then we headed back to campus. 

But alas, Mondays come every seven days. Fuck. Calc is a bitch and I have a test this week...wish me luck. I skipped chem and made waffles with Claire and Josh (who are my favorite jackasses). Josh is also my lab partner for Chemistry, and we finished in 45 minutes that day. We were too excited to get the fuck outta there, but we ended up staying and just got the entire lab written up. We still got out first. The day turned for the worse weather wise, and that meant...naptime. YAY! Work was also no complaints about Monday.

Tuesday, today, was another story. All day it rained and today was the day I realized my hair is long...too long. I need a haircut and soon! Hopefully I can get one scheduled with the downtown salon ($15 haircuts...perfect!!). Classes went alright and then I got most of my homework done. But then time for work came. I was getting tired so I set an alarm for 6:40, 6:45, and 6:50 to wake myself up...and I must have turned them all off when they did go off because I ended up sleeping until 7:40. This was my third offense...tomorrow I will be fired. Great...just great. least I will get to speak with Stuart and have him cheer me up. No. Today he was a sack of sadness...and I felt really bad for his current situations. He is stressed and just all over the place emotions wise. I worry...but then again I have to worry about the both of us. Things haven't been the best, just because we haven't talked really at all. These next weekends won't be good either. I guess I just have to deal with it. 

But after everything, sometimes it gets hard to deal with it. Being a boyfriend, you are in a committed relationship that strives for mutal harmony. That includes comforting one another in times of need. Sometimes one can not physically do the comforting, and they just can not verbally either. This has been the issue I think, because really there is nothing I can do for him, and nothing he can do for me. So we just wallow in misery. But when does that have to stop? As a boyfriend, it is also a duty to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Always worrying will get you nowhere in a relationship, and overanalyzing situations can be just as poisonous to the end result. Therefore, sometimes one has to stop wallowing in his/her misery and accept the fact that life deals a hand of shit sometimes. I guess now is the time to accept this, and strive for happiness. We are limited in time for the next few why complain about everything? 

You may never reach your destination and be thrilled. Sometimes, just getting there is the struggle.  But once you get to wherever you are destined, you have to make the best fo the situation. Even getting there you do! That is what makes life enjoyable I think.

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Reply Rocky
12:41 AM on April 23, 2013 
Hey Jake,
I've been trying to follow your blog whenever I can now and just thought I'd let you know I think it's pretty great! You've got a real knack for describing situations. Keep up the good work!