Day 24: A quiet end to a great weekend

Posted on March 17, 2013 at 9:25 PM

Pioneers of the Universe!! Today is Sunday, let all be warned! Tomorrow there is a high chance of work, feelings of sleep deprivation, and a longing for the next weekend to arrive. You have been warned, so seek shelter immediately because some people without their coffee are bitches!

Luckily, I am not one of those people! Today was quiet for what it was worth, but again I had fun! I woke up just in time to join my friends for brunch, and it was an enjoyable time too. We talked all about the foam fest to other people that did not go, and I got to review my night in Madison. Thank god a few of the members were not present, for I am sure they would have cast disapproving looks at me for clubbing two days in a row. Well, like I said yesterday, they don't matter because I can dance better haha.

Today was my friend Ashley’s big photography day, and as usual Lucy and I always help her out. Her ideas for this photo project? Awesome balloon pictures, high speed powder photography, and some more creative ideas! She is beginning to spend major bucks on photo shoot equipment, such as the $36 dollar tank of helium for the balloons or the $10 dollars for bubbles and sillystring. I worry sometimes, but the end product looks fantastic!

So we got started pretty early, running around campus and taking photos. I got to snap a few photos on my digital and I will hopefully upload them soon! The photo shoot went late into the night, and by the end of the day she almost had everything complete.

Stuart began the long drive home today from his big win at Northland. It has been over a week since I actually got to relax and talk with him. We both have been busy, and this weekend was a separate weekend for both of us. He texted of how much he missed me, which is always nice to hear. And I have missed him dearly too, and I can’t wait for spring break because I know it’ll just be him and I and nothing else will matter…hopefully. What he did mention is the pain he feels when we aren’t together for a period of time, and I am starting to worry already. I hoped he wouldn’t know the true effects of a long-distance relationship till he was well off in college with everything possible to distract him. But unfortunately its starting to become evident.

For those of you who aren’t in a long-distance relationship, kudos to you.For those of you who are, I understand your positions, and I totally give you mad props for actually doing the almost impossible. Long-distance sucks to put it flatly. You have limited times to see your significant other, you often miss holidays with them as teenagers (like us), and it is hard when things get rough in daily life because you don’t really have someone to hug or just lay around with. We can always try our hardest, but there are many times when it becomes almost unbearable. It led to the demise of my last relationship, and soon Stuart and I will be seperated by that same driving distance. Does it make me worry? A lot...because I know how far it is, and I know how little we'll get to see each other. Do I think we can make it? Yes, I am hopeful. I have no reason to doubt that we can make it besides a comparison to my last relationship, and I think this one will pull through.

Either way, I get to have him all to myself soon, and that is what matters most right? I think so. Time to end this early tonight, I need to actualyl start picking up my grades and getting back on track so that means an early night. Keep your eyes open explorers for those extra paths that might lead to fantastic discoveries, and along the way have fun! Don't ever let other people or other things weigh you down, your happiness means so much more.

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