Day 22: Friday, end to a horrible week, beginning of a great weekend.

Posted on March 16, 2013 at 4:50 PM

Hello blog travelers! Today I am beginning to pick up and remember the remnants of my Friday, which at the end was perfect. For those of you that believe that Fridays are a good day all around, think again. These past 5 days were complete shit, and Friday was the climax of it all. Luckily though, I am waking up at 3:30pm on Saturday to bring you all the details of my not so amazing life!


So let’s begin with calculus, obviously. I have been stressing out about the test that was today for the past two weeks. It has put a damper on my overall mood, my relationship with friends and Stuart, and on my ability to remember tasks and other classes. Finally, today was the day I had dreaded for so long about. I got in and started. The first problem was a logarithmic differentiation problem (I know, it’s a mouthful). I beasted that problem and moved on. Next was implicit differentiation...wait a second! That was last test! My teacher put it back on this needless to say everyone struggled on those two problems. After that I came to a linearization problem, which I think I completed half right. The best of all beasts came next, when I got my related rates of change problem. It involved the volume of a cylinder (who the hell remembers that equation!?) and the flow rate of a faucet filling the cylinder up. I realized how little I knew at this moment, and left it blank sacrificing a whole 20 points. Two more problems that I didn't understand fully, and I turned it in.


I am expecting a D.


Bleh, walking out dejected and depressed I bought the largest hot chocolate the coffee shop sold and ended up scalding my tongue. Umm...ow? I also got an email from my boss about me missing work by 10 minutes the night before. I have my second violation, a third one results in me being fired. Great....just great. Not to mention it’s raining at this point.. Politics was nice because half the professor's lesson didn't work so we got out early. Then I showered, had chemistry which is always fun, and choir. Dr. Boerger was out so we had an assistant professor, and I really do not like all. Choir was not enjoyable today.


Afterwards, I met with my friend Ashley to do photography. But going back to my dorm quick I was almost hit by a car. WHAT THE HELL? I cannot catch a break at ALL today. The car practically sped up the hill to try and kill me....all 93.5 lbs of me. Ughhh. UGHH!!! I was quickly beginning to hate today. After photography I rushed to complete some late homework for education, turned that into my professor, and then realized what time it was.


It was 4:30. SHIT! I missed my Hall Council meeting. I haven't missed one yet and I am letting them down by not attending these meetings. I felt like complete crap at this point and just wanted to sleep....but no dinner was coming. Dinner had a great surprise too. But you will have to wait for that till later. My friend Lucy and I are going to vlog for you guys today! So stay tuned!!


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