Day 20: God...Christ...Holy Hell....why so much?!

Posted on March 14, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Hey explorers. So some of us in the world think that it took billions of years for the universe, us, and everything else to evolve and come into fruition as it is today. Others believe a supernatural power came and made the world for his/her pleasure. Well, no matter what your brain conceives to be the reasonable option, my day certainly dealt with both sides of the never-ending argument.


Today is a Wednesday, and usually those are my 'Lets relax and take a nap' days. I go to calc in the morning, come back and shower, then off to Chorale to sing, then back to my dorm for a nap until dinner. Not today however oh no-sir-e (is that how you type it?). After calc it was a mad dash to the dorms to quickly shower because I had PAAL training before chorale. Now, PAAL advisers will work with incoming freshman to help them be acclimated to the University environment and surrounding community. Training went well and after it I ran to the auditorium for an interesting rehearsal.


We received a new song, yay! I love getting new music because it just makes me constantly realize how MUCH music is out there! From Britten to Brahms, to Bach all the way to Schubert, choral literature is amazing. Plus when you move into newer composers like Ola Geijlo and James Bassi you really begin to experience musical wonders. Today we received a piece called Dixit Maria by Hans Leo Hassler (1564-1612). Basically the literally translation from Latin is, "Mary said to the angels: Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it to me according to your word". Now what in the hell does that exactly mean for a secular humanist? Not much...especially because this is totally religious text.


I got this translation out of it though, "Mary said to the angels: Behold me because I am the Queen Bitch of the Lord. I got stuff to do because...yea." Hmm...kind of the same...right? Either way, the song is inLatin so I don't really have to worry about what I am singing about as long asit sounds beautiful in the written text! The piece sounded great, and chorale made progress today.


After chorale I worked on chemistry homework, tried calc only to give up, and then went to dinner around 5:30. I sat with my friends for a few but they had biology lab, so I joined the rest of my friends at a different table.My one friend Peter (birthday Peter) was there, and he is in chorale with me.We were talking about the translation of the music and well, I stated exactly what I thought the translation meant. Queen Bitch and all....apparently that wasn't the right thing to say.


One of the girls at the table immediately pounced on my comment.Waving a finger at me and practically shouting, she scolded me and apparently was infuriated I used 'Mary' and 'Queen Bitch' in the same sentence. This is seriously what religious people get mad about these days? A SECULAR PERSON'S VIEW OF A STORY THAT PROBABLY DID NOT HAPPEN?! REALLY!?!?! I was pissed to say the least. Not only because she so rudely called me out on it, but that she offered no apology for being abrupt and rude. God (punny!) was awkward to say the least afterwards.


Okay, two religious events all in one day? This can't even be possible. I definitely will be writing a tangent article to this under 'My Religious Views' tab. ANYYWAAYYSSSS, after the girl left, I was scolded again! People seem to always talk and rationalize an argument, but in the end they take someone's side. And to be honest, it is never mine. The people that argue it too are always just doing it to get their personal opinion in, which honestly I don't need, at all. It sucks knowing they are ganging up on you, just because you apparently said something wrong to a person that always is condescending to others. I pissed about the situation.


Oh well. After dinner I went and napped for 10 minutes, went to a bowed piano ensemble (If you have never heard of a bowed piano....just searchpiano brothers one direction on'll be much better). The ensemble was...interesting but honestly I could make the same noise with a rusty door handle and a few nails on a chalkboard. Afterwards I ran to a seminar on Atheism and the existence of God...which was presented by a apologetics professor who guessed it...Christian. Oh the irony! He practically stated "Me and my atheist friends argue intellectually, and they won't agree withme and I won't agree with them, but we still argue". Umm....okay? Great to know.


After that was Q&A which was fun! Ashley was there and we chit-chatted about everything that happened today. All in all, it was a rushedWednesday, and a religiously affiliated one at that. Advice for today? Speakyour mind and don't back down to other's opinions. They may be offended, but ifthey are that is because they are insecure in their own beliefs. If you are aChristian, by all means preach the word of YOUR lord and savior of YOURSELF. Iwill do my best to understand where you are coming from, but in the end I won'taccept your opinion. Same goes for you traveler. Speak your opinion, and whileyou do not demand that the opposition accept your opinion, you must demand thatthey at least respect your views, interpretations, etc. They are yours, and they are authentic.


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