Day 19: Tuesdays are my creative days

Posted on March 14, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Hey friends of the universe! Sorry I neglected to post later that Tuesday about my day! It was actaully quite fantastic!

While I can not really remember the in's and out's of my day, it was nice outside. The day began with bright sunshine and pleasant temperatures, but once again it quickly turned around to snow a bit. It seems to be happening more often lately, and I guess that is alright. It really is trying to be like Spring, and hopefully that won't be too far off.

I had work until 10pm which sucks massively in terms of homework. I have been ignoring calc homework for weeks now, and honestly it makes me happy. While I get F's for homework grades, I am less stressed and when I eventually do DO my homework, I understand it and in fact enjoy learnnig more. I hate deadlines, because I feel it puts unesscessary pressure on you, and that obviously deteres you from actaulyl doing potential work that will help. So after work, I went upstairs to find my friend Lucy still in the library. What was she doing? Supossedly work.

Nah, she was on facebook and spotify and other media outlets for procrastination to run its course. Yay, just what I wanted! So I plopped my lazy butt down next to her and logged on. The next twk hours were amazing, we traded music, pictures and just talekd about the rest of the week's plans. But we were quick to realzie that our freind Peter's birthday is Thursday, and we need to celebrate in some fashion!! Well, let me tell you a bit about Peter.

He is a notorious prankster, and likes to joke around about everything under the sun. He likes to read, and is a great singer. But what else? Not how do you give a cool birthday gift to someone like that? Well, we decided to prank him! We are going to buy jello and pour it into straws, to make JELLO WORMS!!! Yeah you heard me, JELLO WORMS!! AHH!!! We also decided to buy him a few books and possibly make him a chill-laxing CD of our greatest recommendations for music.

Well if that doesn't sound like fun I don't know what is, and I hope everything will go according to plan! But for now, off to sleep. No advice today, explroe yourself. Maybe you will eventually be brave and post a comment for me. Or have advice for me. I would like that sometimes!

Goodnight friends, happy travels!

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